The WRaP:
New Agile Workspace

The WRaP, new agile workspace

Businesses and their guests at Silverstone Park can now take advantage of a new ‘agile work space’ – designed to provide an attractive place to ‘work, rest and play’.

This newly designed space reflects the personality of our community: a relaxed and modern environment to reflect aspects of a stylish home but with plenty of utility and creature comforts such as clean work benches and tea and coffee making facilities.

The space, named the WRaP, standing for ‘Work Rest and Play’, offers all three options, as follows:

Work – because it’s a convenient space between meetings, a perfect location to work day-to-day on an ad hoc basis, there’s space to make private calls and a comfy sofa area which can be used to give informal presentation.

Rest – because we have created an area where the lights can be dimmed and you can sit by a log fire! This can be somewhere to catch up with your reading or your own thoughts. There’s also seating by the windows so people can bring their lunch, look out at the view and have a well-deserved break from the desk

Play – we’re planning regular gatherings with free beer, wine and other refreshments where people can chat with friends from work and try their skills on the Play Station games

We’re also planning a pop-up space for our community to get creative with things like Wattbikes for HIIT (high intensity interval training) cake, beer, books…. whatever the community wants – we’ll give most things a try once!

Included are:

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To find out more please contact our team; or 01327 856000.

We look forward to welcoming you to The WRaP at Silverstone Park!

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