Bicycle scheme launched for Silverstone Park businesses

Bicycle scheme launched for Silverstone Park businesses

23 July 2021

MEPC has launched a cycle pool scheme for employees of businesses at its Silverstone Park estate.

Four push bikes will be available for ‘free hire’ (for the first 48 hours) on a first come, first served basis for those wishing to use them to travel the 2.1m sq ft site and in and around the local area.

Individuals will be able to gain access to a bike via a dedicated app before parking them at designated points (hubs) for others to use.

Each bike, provided by Oxford business Bainton Bikes, will carry the ‘Together We Travel’ logo – a nod to future travel plans being formulated by MEPC to help employees further reduce their carbon footprint.

MEPC Junior Asset Manager Ruth Williams said: “We place great value on feedback from our business occupiers and are constantly looking at ways to improve the services and facilities for them at Silverstone Park.

“Our bicycle pool scheme enables occupiers to get from one part of the estate to another, possibly to discuss a project with a neighbouring business, in a convenient and eco-friendly way that also improves personal fitness.

“We look forward to seeing the bikes being put into action and hearing more feedback from those who use them.”

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