Broadband boosted to ‘superfast’ levels at Silverstone Park

Broadband boosted to ‘superfast’ levels at Silverstone Park

14 December 2017

Companies at Silverstone Park are better connected than ever before after developer MEPC increased broadband speed at the estate by 300 per cent to ‘superfast’ levels of 30Mbps.

MEPC’s appointed internet provider Bridge Fibre has completed work to ensure the speeds are available by cable and Wi-Fi to companies across the estate.

This includes those moving in to new premises which are part of a recently completed 125,000 sq ft speculative development of industrial units.

Over 70 companies are based at Silverstone Park – the majority operating in high tech engineering and manufacturing. Much of their work involves the creation, storage and sharing of enormous electronic files meaning they require powerful levels of broadband to meet clients’ needs.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom defines the 30Mbps minimum now being achieved at Silverstone Park as ‘superfast broadband’. However Bridge also provides packages capable of delivering up to 1000Mbps at the estate.

Furthermore its broadband to the estate is fed by two circuits – ensuring uninterrupted back-up should either supply ever experience a problem.

Bridge’s Managing Director Leigh Partin commented: “Technology led industry demands superfast internet to enable companies to operate more efficiently. Whether it be backing up data to the cloud or sending large files to clients, faster broadband speeds helps companies to improve their productivity by simply doing things quicker.

“As part of Bridge Fibre’s long term commitment to Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), we have improved the entry level broadband product on the Park by tripling the speed of the basic product from 10Mbps to 30Mbps at no extra cost and speeds are available up to 1,000Mbps.”

Silverstone Park has played an integral role in the STC – the region within an hour’s radius of Silverstone identified in a high profile SQW report as being home to around 4,000 companies with exceptional capabilities in high-tech engineering and recognised by the UK government as having ‘latent potential’.

And added Leigh: “The STC is leading the way in engineering and innovation and we need to give companies the internet access to facilitate this. I am pleased to say that the infrastructure now installed at Silverstone Park is fully resilient with diversely routed connections into the site; one less thing for businesses to worry about.”