Business community spirit at Silverstone Park

Business community spirit at Silverstone Park

14 February 2014

MEPC’s underlying passion for a business ‘community spirit’ at Silverstone Park was further in evidence this week with all current occupiers invited to share a spot of lunch in the estate’s Innovation Centre.

Those in attendance included a wide range of Silverstone Park companies of all sizes specialising in engineering, technology, manufacturing and marketing in the automotive and motor sport industries. Many have already won awards for their pioneering achievements.

MEPC’s Roz Bird, Head of Business Development, explained: “This was the first of many opportunities being organised by MEPC to help occupiers to meet each other. We want to add value to the companies based at Silverstone Park and one way of doing this is to encourage business to business activity at occupier networking events.

“There was an excellent turn-out for the first event – I’m looking forward to organising a number of other occupier gatherings during 2014, based on occupier feedback.”

The lunch also enabled occupiers to get a glimpse of MEPC’s work to enhance the Silverstone Park Innovation Centre which in recent weeks has undergone a facelift – inside and out – with bold new Silverstone Park signage now highly visible.

The ‘make-over’ of the Innovation Centre marks the commencement of MEPC’s investment in the land around the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit which will eventually add over 2m sq ft of business facilities to the existing business park.