Govt praise for Silverstone Technology Cluster’s “excellent tech & start-up companies”

Govt praise for Silverstone Technology Cluster’s “excellent tech & start-up companies”

16 March 2020

Silverstone Park and the Silverstone Technology Cluster have been name-checked in exchanges in the House of Commons involving Minister of State for Trade Policy Greg Hands on future UK-USA trade deals.

New Buckingham MP Greg Smith (above) called on the government to promote high-tech firms from his constituency in forthcoming trade negotiations with the USA.

Silverstone Park sits on land that spans both Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Currently, a 258,000 sq ft development including high quality industrial units is being constructed in the estate’s Enterprise Zone which is inside Buckinghamshire.

Greg Smith said: “The Thames Valley is home to many high-tech businesses, not least in the north of my constituency of Buckinghamshire crossing into Northamptonshire at Silverstone Park.

“Can my Rt Hon friend outline the steps he is taking to ensure we are supporting those businesses such as those at Silverstone Park to grow, to prosper and to bring global solutions in areas such as low carbon transport to ensure that they are at the forefront of our negotiations for a free trade deal with the USA?”

In response, Greg Hands (right) answered: “The Silverstone Technology Cluster has excellent tech and start-up companies such as Advanced Automotive Technologies, Altair Engineering, room44 (e-bikes) and much more.

“And these are exactly the kind of companies we want to see exporting more to the USA and to be benefiting from fewer hurdles to trade.

“That is why both sides want an SME chapter in the trade deal.”

CLICK HERE to see a clip of the Q&A.