Countdown to powerful new Gender Equality & Diversity Committee’s first event

Countdown to powerful new Gender Equality & Diversity Committee’s first event

08 October 2020

MEPC’s Roz Bird, Commercial Director at Silverstone Park, will be on a panel of high-profile industry experts in the first in a new series of events to promote gender equality and diversity in the workplace amongst the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) business network.

The event, the first for the STC’s Gender Equality & Diversity Committee, will take place on-line from 10:00-12:00 next Thursday 15 October.

The Committee is part of the STC’s new-for-2020 Business Growth groups. Led by Roz (also STC Chair), it was launched in March to encourage both latest practices in business and an overhaul of outdated data – the so-called #DataGap – that it believes is having a negative effect on society.

CLICK HERE to book for next week’s event, entitled ‘Building a Winning Team for Business Success’.

Speakers will include Julia Muir, founder of acclaimed industry organisation Automotive 30% Club, and Hannah Ingram-Moore, Director at Maytrix.

Julia, also author of ‘Change the Game: the Leader’s Route Map to a Winning Gender-Balanced Business’, will demonstrate how a gender-balanced team can significantly improve success for businesses.

Hannah, daughter of global fund-raising phenomenon Sir Captain Tom Moore, will outline practical steps a business can take to help break down barriers and create a better environment for diversity to help set it on its way to greater success.

Both will then join Roz, East Coast Trains Managing Director Helen Wylde and Enovation Consulting’s Cristiana Pace for a round table discussion to examine current barriers and issues that prevent businesses achieving effective gender equality.

Roz commented: “I really look forward to this event as we explore the issues and consider the important next steps that businesses can take to remove exclusion from the workplace and attract and retain all the best people to their industry.

“I would highly recommend that businesses based in and working with the Cluster business network consider attending this event.”

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