Department for International Trade confirms second Silverstone Park visit

Department for International Trade confirms second Silverstone Park visit

26 July 2018

The Department for International Trade (DIT)’s Export Hub will make its second visit in as many years to Silverstone Park in September.

The Hub previously visited in January 2017, promoting the DIT’s #ExportingisGREAT message to the high-tech business and professional services sectors at the estate (pictured above and right).

Effectively a presentation theatre on wheels, it is fitted with state-of-the-art technology which so enables people to access the DIT’s services and business opportunities and talk with experts about all things export related.

Significantly growth at Silverstone Park and in the surrounding Silverstone Technology Cluster in the  past 18 months has been rapid.

The number of innovative high-tech companies moving to and growing in size at the estate has been considerable.

Silverstone Park’s location and connections to the STC mean they have automatically positioned themselves at the centre of the STC – one of the most talked about industry clusters in the UK.

Indeed the skills and capabilities within the cluster put it in a strong position to play an influential role in the global high tech marketplace in future. This will also benefit the professional services companies that support the cluster’s companies.

Undoubtedly this will form part of the focus for the DIT’s visit next month (Thurs 13 Sept) with a final theme, speakers and agenda to be announced soon.

For more information contact Silverstone Park’s Marketing & Occupier Liaison Officer Ruth Williams: or tel 01327 856002.