Department for International Trade’s business export sessions boost for Technology Cluster

Department for International Trade’s business export sessions boost for Technology Cluster

24 January 2017

The Department for International Trade has hinted it will return for a second business advice session at Silverstone Park after successfully promoting its #ExportingisGREAT message to the high-tech business and professional services sectors at the estate.

Its sessions, which offered invaluable hints and tips to those potentially looking at exporting overseas, quickly became over-subscribed after announcing that its Export Hub – a moving presentation theatre on wheels – would be at the Park (Tues 17 Jan).

The event – which attracted regional BBC TV and radio coverage – was part of the Government’s response to the Silverstone Technology Cluster and its CEO Pim van Baarsen was among the speakers in addition to DIT experts and Silverstone Park Commercial Director Roz Bird.

Chris Walker, CEO of materials technology company Diamond Hard Surfaces which sits within the Cluster – the one-hour radius around Silverstone – was also a speaker.

“We like coming here and it’s been exciting having our Export Hub at Silverstone Park – it gives us a new focus,” commented Ian Harrison, the DIT’s Acting Director for Exports & Business in the Midlands.

“The Hub has state-of-the-art technology aboard so it enables people to access our services, look at business opportunities and talk to current experts about the information on our websites.

“It’s been a great event. Standing room only is perhaps a good testament of the quality of an event. The quality of presentations has been very good and there have been some challenging questions. In all a very interesting and lively session and something we’d like to repeat.”

He also agreed with the Silverstone Technology Cluster’s importance when it came to exporting from the UK to overseas.

He added: “A key objective for the UK is to increase the number of exporters we have and to increase the value of those exporters. Exporting allows businesses to grow, develop innovative products, become more active and actually gives the UK extra resilience against macro-economics.

“Certainly we are seeing some exciting things in the Silverstone Technology Cluster and the sorts of businesses who supply other businesses have the ability to trade internationally.

“We know one of the common threads the world over is the regard for our products and services – our quality, workmanship and level of innovation is all fiercely demanded internationally and it’s our job to make sure that businesses are aware of this.”

Roz Bird said: “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed having the Department for International Trade’s Export Hub here which has further underlined our capability in hosting really special events for the high-tech community.

“The demand for places from companies was terrific and seeing so many new people come together, asking questions that could make a real difference to their futures, learning from one another’s experiences and networking is what the Silverstone Technology Cluster is all about.

“The DIT’s exporting message couldn’t have been stronger and nor could the message that the STC is sending out to high-tech businesses in our region. It’s been a win-win event for all concerned.”

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Download the morning presentation (PDF, 9Mb)
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