Digital Manufacturing Centre “a shining example of British innovation & ingenuity”

Digital Manufacturing Centre “a shining example of British innovation & ingenuity”

18 August 2021

MPs and local enterprise partnership SEMLEP have added their voices of support for the revolutionary new Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) that has opened at Silverstone Park.

Politicians Andrea Leadsom, Andrew Lewer and Greg Smith were each wowed during the opening of the state-of-the-art specialist facility that has been referred as “a real game changer” for engineering and manufacturing industries across the Silverstone Technology Cluster and UK.

The DMC adds to specialist facilities in electro-magnetics (Applus+ 3C Test), metrology (Hexagon) and sports engineering (Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub by TotalSim) already at Silverstone Park.

The brainchild of KW Special Projects, it is housed in new 20,000 sq ft premises – part of a 258,000 sq ft industrial scheme recently completed by developer MEPC.

Andrea Leadsom (MP for South Northants), formerly the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, commented:

“This facility is a shining example of British innovation and ingenuity, providing future-ready manufacturing capability and jobs to the UK.

“Investment in leading technologies and processes is at the heart of ‘levelling up’ the country and the Industrial Strategy. Not only does it add to domestic capability, but businesses like this are also an inspiration and valuable educational tool for young professionals and STEM students – a fantastic way to prepare for, and embrace, the future of skilled employment.”

And enthused Greg Smith (Buckingham): “This region has long been a hub of innovation, the famed ‘motorsport valley’, and it is fantastic to welcome a new forward-thinking business like the DMC.

“Bringing together advanced manufacturing and interesting new technologies, the DMC is a testament to the region and its role as a powerhouse of UK industry and innovation.”

Andrew Lewer (Northampton South) added: “Manufacturing has always been such a critical part of the UK economy and employment; and to see businesses like the DMC, in the heart of Northamptonshire investing in state-of-the-art systems, is fantastic.

“It is an incredibly exciting time for STEM professionals, particularly within this region, and it is great to see businesses like the DMC leading the way.”

The South East Midlands Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) has part-funded the DMC which it believes will add considerably to the local economy.

Its Director of Programmes and Governance, Judith Barker, said: “KWSP’s determination to deliver the vision of the scheme and problem-solve throughout the pandemic has been a beacon for fellow businesses and projects.

“It’s fantastic to come together to celebrate the launch of this innovative facility, set to add over £9m of market value to the area, create new jobs, apprenticeship opportunities and assist businesses.

“Another fantastic facility added to Silverstone Park at the centre of the Oxford to Cambridge Arc.”

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