Digital Manufacturing Centre boss has vision for industrial scale Space projects

Digital Manufacturing Centre boss has vision for industrial scale Space projects

08 September 2020

KW Special Projects founder and CEO Kieron Salter believes the futuristic thinking that has gone into his business’s new Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) at Silverstone Park could help attract some of the UK’s most exciting engineering projects.

CLICK HERE for more details about the DMC which will be located inside a stunning 20,000-plus sq ft HQ style property being constructed along with 12 more sizeable industrial premises by MEPC as part of its latest Enterprise Zone development at Silverstone Park.

Kieron explained: “Polymer additive manufacturing is KWSP’s forte, but at Silverstone Park we will also have metal additive manufacturing to satisfy the requirements of high-end aerospace, motorsport and space applications.

”Automotive, Aerospace and Space are all targets for us, with places like Harwell and Wescott nearby…

“In fact there are a whole range of industry sectors we can attract to Silverstone Park – Oil and Gas, Land and Sea, Defence, Marine etc – that already recognise the benefits of these technologies as they trickle down through the supply chain.”

He added: “As a result of the COVID situation we know we have to reconfigure the premises, making them more hybrid and accessible. There are going to be some great levels of connectivity using digital infrastructure.

“Our ambition is very much to be operating on an industrial scale and ensure the Digital Manufacturing Centre at Silverstone Park is right up there with the very best in Europe, if not the world.”

Like the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub which opened in autumn 2019, the Digital Manufacturing Centre will also act as an ‘incubator’ facility for tech start-up and SME businesses that will have access to its technologies.

VLOG: click to see/hear more of Kieron Salter’s views inside the new DMC building.