Digital worker possibilities to improve productivity through AI in Residence programme

Digital worker possibilities to improve productivity through AI in Residence programme

24 March 2022

Applus+ 3C Test, one of the world’s leading electro-magnetic testing specialists, is in talks with Silverstone Park’s AI in Residence programme to install a ‘digital worker’ – freeing up human employees for activity elsewhere in its business which will improve overall productivity.

Global artificial intelligence network MKAI – appointed by Silverstone Park developer MEPC which is behind the programme – is working with six high-tech businesses at the park to introduce them to latest and future AI possibilities.

A large part of Applus+ 3C Test’s activity at its Silverstone Park premises is testing for radio noise interference that is emitted by vehicles.

Its Technical Manager Luke Turnbull explained: “This can affect someone listening to the radio in a neighbouring vehicle and we have equipment that can test for such.

“That then requires an engineer to perform technical administration and manipulate big data so that we can get engineering value out of it all, but that is not perhaps the best way to use our people.

“Humans are prone to error, no matter how good they are, and that requires additional spend to check the data.

“The possible concept of a cloud-based digital worker has come along through AI in Residence which we believe would be more reliable in this area.

“This would allow us to free up that person to carry out certain roles that only humans can do. It would perhaps also be a more motivating and rewarding role for that person.”

Luke added: “Electro-magnetic testing of vehicles has evolved significantly because of the electrification of vehicles

“A cloud-based automation process that is versatile – although complex initially to set up – could be a solution. Once established it will be asked to repeat a set process lots of times so starts to become a very useful platform we can rely on.

“We have supplied a typical data set to a contact we’ve been put in touch with through MKAI and AI in Residence and now wait to see what they can show us is possible.”

MKAI’s Richard Foster-Fletcher said: “This is a great example of a forward-thinking company embracing the way that digital workers can augment employees to create more robust, reliable and repeatable processes.

“I’m excited to see where Applus+ 3C Test can take this project and the benefits they will obtain.”

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