Fibre optic upgrade boosts connectivity for more Silverstone Park businesses

Fibre optic upgrade boosts connectivity for more Silverstone Park businesses

06 February 2020

MEPC has increased Silverstone Park’s fibre-optic network to meet extra demand for faster broadband speeds from business.

Appointed partner, Bridge Fibre, recently completed work to extend its fibre cables across all of Silverstone Park’s development land.

The £40,000 upgrade has taken 12 months to complete and is in addition to a major new multi-utility trench (natural gas, water, electricity and foul drainage) installed by MEPC.

It means existing occupiers can take advantage of Bridge’s ultra-fast, resilient fibre circuit across all corners of the Park.

Furthermore, Bridge’s cables offer businesses pure fibre connection. In other words, its super-fast power is not diluted by copper cables between junction boxes and arriving on site (often not the case with households and business parks elsewhere).

“We can now provide direct connections to virtually every single tenant who wants one,” explained Bridge’s Head of Sales David Cansick.

“When the new Enterprise Zone development is completed our network will be extended further and businesses will be able to move in and be switched on inside 24 hours if needs be.”

MEPC’s development of Silverstone Park since 2013 means it is now recognised nationally and globally as a first-class location for high-tech business activity.

Indeed, the majority of 80-plus businesses now occupied on site operate in advanced engineering across sectors including: aerospace, automotive, defence, Esports, medical devices, marine, and electronics and software development.

David continued: “One of the top three questions any potential occupier has is ‘what is the connectivity like?’

“As the whole tech space evolves, companies are moving to cloud based systems so there is more demand for greater bandwidths and speeds.

“Companies are saving or sending huge files, such as CAD drawings, all around the world which means companies need ever increasing bandwidth to do this efficiently.

“What we have at Silverstone Park is actually more than adequate to meet tenants’ requirements but we’re always reviewing our infrastructure – like MEPC, we want to serve tenants well into the future.”

David also gave a brief insight into the types of connectivity Bridge offers.

“An occupier can have a dedicated ‘uncontended’ connection, which guarantees bandwidth (equal upload and download speeds) 100% of the time,” he said.

“Some occupiers might choose our ‘contended’ connection where the bandwidth speed is robust and reliable but not guaranteed as it is being shared with other businesses.

“The ‘contended’ connection, though, does have options: if a company is uploading more than downloading then we can adjust the connection for them – for example to 70% upload and 30% download.

“In our opinion, Silverstone Park is probably one of the best served business estates in the East Midlands when it comes to connectivity.”

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