Former Lockheed Martin chief impressed by MEPC approach to advanced engineering

Former Lockheed Martin chief impressed by MEPC approach to advanced engineering

20 July 2017

MEPC’s commitment to innovation and business development in engineering “is bringing something unique to the area” around Silverstone Park believes former Lockheed Martin (UK) CEO Stephen Ball.

Significantly it is a year since MEPC opened the Silverstone Park Metrology Facility managed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence at Silverstone Park.

This is the UK’s only dedicated sub-contract inspection facility and among its chief priorities is to make it easier for smaller high-tech companies to gain access to latest precision measuring machinery and provide them with training.

It marks a boost for SME and start-up companies in the region as the cost of using state-of-the-art metrology equipment can be prohibitive. In turn this can have a detrimental effect on their plans to break into the market place with concepts and new products.

Subsequently a Silverstone Metrology Network has been formed providing events that could also give them greater opportunities for business development and collaboration with fellow companies in engineering and manufacturing.

Guest speaker at one of the Network’s most recent events, Stephen commented: “It’s not just the metrology facility but what MEPC is contributing to the development of the surrounding Technology Cluster…

“By focusing its activities and giving those activities the right environment in which to work – helping start-ups, SMEs and moderately established business – is very interesting.

“There are other places where companies could go but these tend to be more office-based environments. Advanced engineering needs a different environment which is what is being created at Silverstone Park and it (MEPC) is definitely bringing something unique to the area.”

In the past 24 months MEPC’s vision for Silverstone Park – as a global destination for engineering, innovation and business development – has accelerated rapidly.

Progress in that period has included:

MEPC’s Roz Bird, Silverstone Park Commercial Director, said: “It is terrific to hear these comments from someone like Stephen who is such a well-respected figure in advanced engineering and manufacturing.

“They add real weight to what MEPC is achieving for Silverstone Park – both on site for its occupiers but also in terms of image and perception in the surrounding region as well as further afield.”