Free specialist advice for Silverstone Park businesses from government-backed network

Free specialist advice for Silverstone Park businesses from government-backed network

25 August 2021

After benefiting themselves, Silverstone Park businesses are urging others in the region to take advantage of being able to access the UK’s most ambitious scheme focusing on productivity and growth.

Silverstone Park developer MEPC is a key supporter of the Silverstone Technology Cluster’s partnership with government-backed network Be the Business.

The partnership offers – for free – programmes that provide businesses with specialist support (Mentoring for Growth) and expert advice (SME Advisory Boards).

Businesses can CLICK HERE to register for specialist support (Mentoring for Growth) by clicking here.

Alternatively, please CLICK HERE to benefit from an SME Advisory Group or email

Businesses should, when asked, indicate that their interest is via the STC.

Hiren Gandhi, Partner at Blaser Mills Law which is located in Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre, commented: “As a member of Blaser Mills Law’s management board, I signed up to the STC/BtB Advisory Board without any pre-conception or expectation.

“I have been impressed by the format. The senior individuals from large organisations across a range of sectors have been able to provide insightful advice around my firm’s current business challenges.

“The discussions are kept fluid, which enable some of our important issues to come to the surface, and some of these will provide the backdrop to our next sessions.”

Hiren continued: “If you are a growing SME, looking for a sounding board to talk to other business leaders about your own business challenges, then I would recommend talking to the STC about the programmes on offer.”

Meanwhile Carly Barnes, of fellow Innovation Centre-based business Phoenix Sports & Media Group, responded to the STC’s call to sit on one of the Advisory Boards, as an advisor.

Carly said: “I’m delighted to have been invited to offer advice to businesses in the cluster as part of the BtB growth programmes. I’ve been extremely fortunate that both companies have been involved in the motorsport sector – where I have personal interest and career experience.

“Our panel of advisors come from a variety of different sectors and backgrounds and we have hopefully provided valuable advice to the companies involved.

“It’s been personally rewarding for me to give back to industry and also proven a source of valuable connections with direct business opportunity having been provided through the programmes.”

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