Heading for Advanced Engineering Show & MotorsportDays.LIVE

Heading for Advanced Engineering Show & MotorsportDays.LIVE

03 October 2018

Silverstone Park will have a strong presence at 2018’s Advanced Engineering Show (AES) at NEC Birmingham on (Weds 31 Oct/Thurs 1 Nov) as a founding member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster which is again sponsoring the event’s high profile VIP Lounge.

AES is regarded as the UK’s premiere show for high tech networking as well as demonstrations of latest technologies and applications.

Silverstone Park Commercial Director and STC Chair Roz Bird said: “The Advanced Engineering Show VIP Lounge was very successful for the STC in 2017; the relaxed environment enabled us to attract in loads of great companies for catch-ups and business networking.

“And with over 70 companies now STC members, it will be great for all of them to benefit from VIP lounge access this year.

“We are looking forward to meeting with members and making new friends at the NEC in November.”

Just a day later, the Park and the STC will then sponsor new motorsport business and careers opportunities event MotorsportDays.LIVE (Fri 2/Sat 3 Nov) in Silverstone Circuit’s Wing building.

The event will give race championships, teams, constructors and manufacturers a chance to showcase their products to prospective new customers. Some of this will be via demonstrations of cars on the Silverstone circuit.

Roz continued: “Activity among motorsport businesses – many in the crucial supply chain – has never been stronger at Silverstone Park given how it has evolved in recent times, the facilities we have put in place and its connections to the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

“The estate is now home to some of the most exciting companies in UK motorsport – some having re-located here altogether, others having expanded on site – and many have been able to successfully transfer their skills and capabilities into other high-tech engineering and manufacturing sectors.

“Both the MIA and BRDC have recently highlighted how our development of Silverstone Park is having a positive impact on the UK motorsport industry. We believe that MotorsportDays.LIVE’s refreshing, new approach can have similar benefits for the industry which is why we are supporting it.

“The event further enables us to promote the opportunities at Silverstone Park for ambitious companies working in motorsport and we believe it also gives SMEs and larger organisations based both here and elsewhere within the Cluster a great opportunity to network.

“Similarly it has the potential to open the eyes of young people looking to enter engineering and/or manufacturing as their chosen profession – something that sits well with our commitment to the skills agenda.”

To cap a busy week for the STC, its Autonomous Connected Electrified Shared (ACES) special interest group (SIG) will meet at board member Grant Thornton’s offices in Milton Keynes (Weds 7 Nov) with Uniti (a Swedish EV company), Hexegic (cyber security) and Woodfines (road transport law) each presenting.

This follows recent meetings at Silverstone Park for its Computer Aided Engineering (25 Sept) and Digital & Advanced Manufacturing (11 Oct) SIGs.