More high praise for Metrology Facility & Network

More high praise for Metrology Facility & Network

29 March 2018

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s General Manager David Brown has praised the Silverstone Park Metrology Network’s support of smaller tech businesses.

David attended the Network’s latest event at which Chris Horton, a director of engineering consultancy Performance Projects, was a guest speaker.

The Network’s events are held inside the estate’s Metrology Facility – a joint venture between estate developer and HMI. It is the UK’s only dedicated sub-contracted inspection metrology facility and giving start-up companies and SMEs access to state-of-the-art precision measuring machinery plus training is one of its top priorities.

The Network adds to that by giving tech companies an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and explore the potential for collaboration.

David said: “What’s impressive is that people from some very exciting start-ups and SMEs operating in all sorts of areas of tech are prepared to roll up ‘after hours’ to these events.

“To consistently be attracting a high calibre audience shows the value of the Network and the speakers it is attracting plus just how well the Metrology Facility here is working as an ‘underpinning facility’ for the wider tech community.”

Meanwhile Chris Horton’s presentation showed how Performance Projects had sourced the right funding to help with projects in autonomous, electric and performance vehicles – these have helped it to grow from a start-up in Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre to a 1,500 sq ft R&D facility on site (see page 11).

Chris commented: “To be able to present at the Metrology Network was a great way for us to promote our name and what we do and to get people from a very good audience to approach us with the potential for collaboration.

“Many of the people in the audience were able to identify with our background and to where we’ve been able to get to. This includes overcoming important hurdles that smaller tech firms face such as funding and also being able to clearly present how, as a small company, you are able to deliver a whole product to a large client.”

He added: “The Metrology Facility since it was opened two years ago has proved very important in much of what we’ve been able to achieve in that time.

“Ultimately it’s opening the door for smaller companies to able to draw upon Hexagon’s resources and take advantage of a world-class facility that can’t be beaten even by very large OEMs.”