Laptop appeal to businesses to help Ukrainian refugees stay connected

Laptop appeal to businesses to help Ukrainian refugees stay connected

11 May 2022

ZetaSafe, a leader in the development of safety compliance software, is calling on fellow Silverstone Park and Silverstone Technology Cluster businesses to donate unwanted laptop computers, tablets and phones to help Ukrainian refugees in the UK stay connected.

Chris Wiles, ZetaSafe’s Technical Director, explained: “The laptops can help children who have been relocated to the UK to continue being educated online by their schools, they can help older individuals search for work and attend online courses.

“They can also just be the difference between people being able to stay in touch with their families back home or not – a real lifeline.

“We’re looking for laptops, tablets, phones and even chargers. We will ensure they are wiped, rebooted and reconditioned before they are distributed.”

Any mobile devices that businesses can donate can be handed in at the Silverstone Park Innovation Centre’s reception desk: Tel 01327 856000.

Chris continued: “We don’t of course expect people to donate new equipment. But if, like our engineers who frequently want the next model up for what they do, businesses build up a surplus of laptops and other tech then these would be really appreciated.”

This won’t be the first time that Zetasafe has successfully provided laptops to displaced people around the world.

Chris added: “We recently followed a story on the BBC website about the struggles that teenagers in Honduras face accessing education in gang-run and impoverished neighbourhoods.

“One girl was keen to go to college but lacked the financial means.

“We contacted the BBC reporter and managed to facilitate the transfer of a ZetaSafe laptop to Honduras through contacts who hand-delivered it to her in her hometown of San Pedro Sula.

“With the help of another reader and the reporter, we were also able to cover the costs of her college tuition. During the Covid pandemic, the laptop became the difference between continuing with the course and having to leave it.

“She managed to successfully finish her studies and now has a qualification which has helped her get a steady job.

“These laptops have the ability to literally change lives and I have no doubt that some of this donated technology will do just that.”

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