Meet the team: Laura Wilde, Occupier Liaison & Events Manager

Meet the team: Laura Wilde, Occupier Liaison & Events Manager

02 January 2020

EastEnders cast members, Fern Cotton, Goldie, Vinnie Jones… Laura used to organise holidays for these celebrities and others and her skills have proved useful in her new role at Silverstone Park.

“The skills are transferrable because there’s a lot of listening, communicating and building up a rapport with clients,” said Laura, who joined the team in autumn 2019.

“I was a travel manager for 18 years organising weddings and honeymoons before moving on to corporate travel for, I guess, some quite famous people.

“I was very fortunate as the job meant testing out locations for the holiday firm – in other words travelling to find out if locations were up to scratch. We went everywhere, from Iceland to the Middle East to the Caribbean.”

She added: “From the very first day I’ve enjoyed every second of working at Silverstone Park – it’s a great team and also an exciting place because you meet lots of different people from different businesses.

“I’ve thrown myself into the events side and recently have been working with local schools, arranging a pizza lunch and talking to the Department for International Trade.”

Indeed, Laura’s role means she now chairs the Park’s social committee which organises recreational and networking events for the estate’s business occupiers.

Laura is just as busy away from the office – she has three children, two dogs (Chocolate Labradors), a cat and three rabbits (which became 22 in the summer)!

A former swimmer for her county (Beds), she’s recently rekindled her love for water sports (wake and paddle boarding). She’s also keen on DIY and throwing themed dinner parties.

But she continued: “The biggest thing for me is travel – I like being spontaneous and so far have ticked off 36 different countries!

“I love Asia, particularly the cultures in Thailand and Malaysia. Swimming with elephants in Thailand will always be a highlight.

“I’d love to visit Costa Rica – just to try the world’s biggest zip wire high up through the jungle…”