Meet the team: Nicola Smith, Receptionist, Silverstone Park

Meet the team: Nicola Smith, Receptionist, Silverstone Park

03 March 2017

“I love my job – I’m a people person so it’s perfect for me and I’ve discovered I’ve got a brain!”

Nicola Smith has been in her role as Silverstone Park receptionist since October 2015 and indeed says it’s given her a new lease of life when it comes to work.

“I had worked in banking and then as an advisor for a supermarket chain for almost 20 years but this is much more stimulating.

“There’s so much happening here – it’s far more than just answering calls. It’s about getting involved and I like that. I like to think of myself as a team player…”

Becoming a grandparent for the first time has added to that ‘new lease of life’ and so will a much anticipated trip on the London-Paris Orient Express! She adds: “It’s a birthday surprise for my partner – he’ll have to go some to match it for my 50th birthday!”

Musician Jules Holland would certainly get an invite to the party; but not ‘model’ Naomi Campbell. “I met them both when I worked briefly at Stowe School – he was nice but she had a bad attitude.

“I don’t like that in people and I liked that someone said to me recently ‘you’re never in a bad mood’.

“As I say, I’m a people person… even if I know that sometimes means I’m a bit loud!”