Meteor planning to revolutionise motorcycle market with electric design out of Silverstone

Meteor planning to revolutionise motorcycle market with electric design out of Silverstone

20 November 2014

We introduce Meteor Power – another of our four Business Competition winners which is boldly entering the race to design and manufacture high performance motorbikes powered only by electricity.

Notably the project is being led by individuals with experience of designing highly sophisticated motorcycles, electronics and other components for the likes of MotoGP, the World Rally Championship and Formula 1.

Meteor will take up ‘residence’ at Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre from where it will be able to better structure and manage its ambitious project with a hot desk licence (starting 1 Dec) and expert business mentoring – another highly valued prize offered by the competition.

Managing Director Mike Edwards, himself a former World and British Superbike team boss, comments: “It will make a massive difference in terms of how we can operate and collaborate in one place. It also moves us closer to a lot of our suppliers and sub-contractors and puts us in an area where we can take advantage of various business, enterprise and innovation support groups.

“Having a Northampton address is extremely valuable – having a Silverstone address makes things even more attractive, especially for overseas clients, and I’m confident we will start to see the benefits almost immediately.”

It is clear that Meteor really believes it is in a strong position to steal a march on potential rivals in the electric motorcycle market – particularly in producing a high performance machine. Meteor’s is expected to achieve a top speed of 200mph with the first prototype scheduled to begin testing in 2015’s third quarter.

“We plan to start taking orders towards the end of 2015. The forecast for Western Europe is that the demand for electric motorcycles will grow 100% per year for the next five years,” adds Mike.

“A couple of companies in the USA already produce electric bikes but at the lower performance end as commuter bikes. A couple of others, including an Italian company, have focused on the middle ground but won’t deliver anything until at least the middle of 2015.

“We believe that there are a number of fundamental design opportunities that the competition are not taking advantage of, particularly when it comes to big steps forward in the handling and performance.

“Our research shows that there is strong demand across Europe, and particularly in Britain, towards high performance machines. Having raced in British and World we know what motorcycles require to make them go very quickly with handling to match.

“It is fair to say that nobody yet has come up with anything that is capable of persuading the current petrol sports bike riders to consider electric – let alone that electric is the must-have option. We believe we can change opinions and produce electric motorcycles that are attractive to consumers worldwide. Our new base at Silverstone is the perfect location to launch our project and bring it to market.”