Motorsport & business ‘neural efficiency’ specialist locates to Innovation Centre

Motorsport & business ‘neural efficiency’ specialist locates to Innovation Centre

07 September 2021

CoFiGi, a specialist in improving mental performance and neural efficiency for sports athletes and business people, has become the latest innovative start-up business to locate to office space in Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre.

Founders Simon Fitchett and Jof Cox have over 30 years’ combined experience of improving performance for motorsport professionals, including some in Formula One.

Through their contacts, they have quickly established CoFiGi as the official UK partner to leading human performance specialist Formula Medicine in Italy (which founded the ‘game-changing’ Mental Economy Training Programme).

It means Simon and Jof can bring the same unique programme to the world of business in the UK, as well as continuing with athletes across many sports.

Inside their 265 sq ft office, they establish a customer’s ‘baseline’ brain and heart activity during a sequence of mental and physical aptitude tests.

They then train customers to improve self-awareness and optimise brain efficiency, developing the ability to achieve high mental performance with reduced energy expenditure. In turn, this reduces levels of mental fatigue and the likelihood of making mistakes.

“It’s a proven system which we know improves mental performance and neural efficiency,” explained Simon.

“Imagine trying to drive a car at top speed at a 6000rpm rev limit, but if you’re able to do that same speed at 2000rpm then you’re going to go further for longer – in effect, using less fuel with less likelihood of something breaking on the car.”

He added: “Customers wear a couple of high-tech sensory devices to establish the heartrate and the activity in the frontal lobe – the ‘thinking part’ of the brain. The algorithm developed by Formula Medicine over the last 15 years gives your neural efficiency reading.

“Eventually, we train the client to feel ‘in the zone’ or in that automatic mental state – they become trained to operate sub-consciously which is where peak performance is obtained.

“Ultimately, this makes people become more resistant to external distractions or what people say about you; the individual becomes more resilient to stress and high pressure situations.”

Simon’s experiences in F1 have included working to improve the performance of star drivers such as David Coulthard and Sergio Perez.

He continued: “We believe what we’re offering can become bigger corporately than it is in motorsport – managing and improving a person’s mental state to be able to manage emotions, focus and stress levels is huge for business managers and leaders in high-pressured roles.

“We are a business borne out of lockdown and, having considered other locations, it quickly became clear that the Innovation Centre was the ideal place to get us going and start to develop the business.

“We’re surrounded by innovative people and businesses with growth ambitions of their own plus, of course, we’re right in the centre of the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’ with many racing teams close by and visitors and drivers coming here all the time for meetings and to test at the circuit.”

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