New podcasts revealing ‘desire to collaborate’ among Silverstone Park businesses

New podcasts revealing ‘desire to collaborate’ among Silverstone Park businesses

22 January 2019

The Silverstone Park website’s blog section has now become home to a growing library of lively podcasts dedicated to interviews with business leaders at the estate.

Behind them is Chris Broome, owner and chartered financial planner of Silverstone-based lifestyle financial planning firm Longhurst, which niches in tech and high-growth. It’s also a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

And Chris confessed: “At heart I’m a gaming and tech geek, and also love producing content marketing.”

He added: “I listen to lots of business and entrepreneurial podcasts so when we launched Longhurst we knew there was a niche opportunity to launch a podcast in the region, where I get to interview business owners and peers that I respect – it was too good an opportunity to miss.

“The interviews take the format of conversations I might have with new clients: who are you, tell me about your life, your business, what you get up to outside of work etc.”

Indeed the podcasts help to show another side to the business people being interviewed.

Chris continued: “I ask each of them for their most embarrassing mistake, whether in business or not. Everyone’s been a good sport and shared some funny stories from spraying a packet of Twix in a court session, to getting shoved in the mud on sports day in a wheelbarrow moment!

“We have received lots of gratitude from the people who’ve been on the show, saying they are thankful for the opportunity to talk and promote their business.

“It’s certainly given me a great insight into how their businesses work, and there is definitely a common thread – each has a desire to collaborate, which is becoming increasingly important in the future of high-tech.”

Click on the names below to hear the podcasts so far with Chris (and leave a five-star rating)!