On-going expansion for Grand Prix Racewear at Silverstone Park

On-going expansion for Grand Prix Racewear at Silverstone Park

20 December 2021

Grand Prix Racewear (GPR) is expanding its business offering at Silverstone Park, becoming only the third approved technical centre in the UK for motorsport hosing manufacturer Goodridge.

Working together, GPR has created a Goodridge technology facility (G-Tech centre) inside its 14,000 sq ft premises. The facility will make new and replacement Goodridge hoses to customer specification, as well as stock and supply the brand’s vast range of acclaimed fittings and accessories.

It is the third significant recent development for GPR – in 2020 it was acquired by Ferrari race preparation specialist FF Corse (already based on site) whose fleet of competition cars (all 488 models) are also located at Silverstone.

Earlier this year, GPR then launched its own race series (the GPR Trophy) for Audi TT sportscars, aimed at novice racers looking to graduate to the Ferrari Challenge in which FF Corse has enjoyed considerable success.

GPR is already famed for its supply of attire for race and rally drivers, including latest FIA-specification helmets, suits, balaclavas, gloves, boots and Head And Neck Safety (HANS) devices.

“Many people building businesses at Silverstone Park are in the motorsport sector which is good news – it means we become more and more aware of what each other does which is very important in current times from a supply chain point of view, as well as direct opportunities,” said GPR’s Business Development Manager David Williams.

“Becoming a Goodridge technical centre has obvious benefits – we are right next to the Grand Prix circuit and, whether it’s the middle of the week with test sessions or the weekend with race events, there is a need from teams for hoses and fittings, just as there is for our racewear.

“We anticipate the Goodridge side of the business will grow quite quickly and we also have a new growth strategy for the racewear side – there are opportunities as safety requirements evolve and we are looking to do a lot more with disabled competitors.

“It’s important we work closely with each customer so they are not caught out by changes in regulations.”

There are many personal touches that GPR offers, from professionally affixing logos to drivers’ race suits to delivering bespoke moulded earplugs. Just like a department store, it also offers changing facilities for customers to try on new racewear.

David added: “We have even started stocking electric motocross bikes and have had people driving from all over the UK to get their hands on them.

“Currently we have 3,000 racewear product lines in stock and we genuinely believe, in the world of motorsport competition, that there aren’t many people that can offer a showroom with this type of range or such vast product knowledge.”

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