Revolutionary carbon-composite manufacturer locates to Silverstone Park

Revolutionary carbon-composite manufacturer locates to Silverstone Park

08 October 2021

Silverstone Composites, which has revolutionised carbon-composite manufacturing for top-level motorsport, has located to 4,540 sq ft premises at Silverstone Park.

“The main purpose is to create a new base for our motorsport customers,” commented founder Marcus Trofimov.

“We’re in a period of growth and Silverstone Park gives us a position on the map; that’s key for us.

“Geographically, it makes sense. It’s the home of British racing, and we wanted to be a part of that.”

Silverstone Composites’ new HQ at Silverstone Park will become its main manufacturing depot – ten of its eleven full-time staff are composite technicians. Parts produced will be used in Formula 1, World Rallying and Formula E amongst others.

Marcus explained: “We are using processes we don’t believe are being widely used yet – as a result we’ve become faster, been able to reduce costs and deliver parts on time to a better quality.

“Using raw (‘pre-preg’) carbon fibre, we create the pattern or mould for the tool that is used to produce the composite part, working with design drawings that let us know the quantities, layers and thickness required.

“Parts are then laminated in a cleanroom environment, vacuum-bagged and put through a cure cycle in an autoclave pressurised oven. This will all be happening inside our building at Silverstone Park.

“Essentially, we’ve evolved into a single source solution – customers supply the CAD data and then leave us to use our technologies and processes to deliver the best product.”

Silverstone Composites’ existing premises in nearby Stoke Bruerne will be used to train young talent and explore business opportunities in other high-tech sectors.

And Marcus added: “We’re keen to support local colleges and universities and already we’ve been active at Oxford Brookes and the Silverstone University Technology College (UTC).”

Main image above shows Silverstone Composites owners Marcus and Gemma Trofimov.

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