Schools programme “enables our students to fulfil their dreams”

Schools programme “enables our students to fulfil their dreams”

03 March 2022

Kingsthorpe College, The Buckingham School and Sponne School have immediately expressed enthusiasm for continuing their partnership with the Silverstone Park Schools Programme (SPSP), which will return to in-person events with three dates – one at each school – in March.

Diane Fisher, Strategic Lead for Careers, Kingsthorpe College said: “We feel privileged as a school to be part of this initiative and very much look forward to continuing our relationship with Silverstone Park and its business volunteer network.

“We know how this programme has benefited all our stakeholders, especially our students.

“It allows us to expose them to the world of work and the exciting opportunities that are available to them in a wide variety of industries, such as high-tech engineering, manufacturing, electronics, software, and marketing – the list is endless.

“This programme allows our students access to their dreams and passions, raising their aspirations and showing them first-hand that, as we say at Kingsthorpe, ‘everything is possible’.”

Suzy Pykett, Assistant Headteacher & Director of Sixth Form, The Buckingham School added: “We’re really looking forward to the next in-person careers event here at our school. It was a huge success previously and we are excited to see the return of this high-impact and engaging experience.

“Students more than ever need to be exposed to inspirational conversations, find new role models and get excited to learn about future pathway opportunities. Thank you to all the people who help with these events – a great deal goes into the organisation, and it leaves a lasting impression on our students and community.”

And said Iain Massey, Headteacher, Sponne School: “We are delighted to be a part of the Silverstone Park Schools Programme. The knowledge and understanding of the wide range of opportunities that exist in high-tech engineering and the many associated careers that students gain from their experience is invaluable to them.

“Students in the past have benefited from meeting and talking to ‘real’ employers in this sector and it has raised their awareness, and that of their parents, of job possibilities that they had not considered or even knew about.

“At Sponne our motto is ‘Dream, ‘Believe, Achieve’ and the inspiration and aspiration that these events have generated in the past have enabled our students to fulfil their dreams.”