Silverstone business activity giving UK tech & manufacturing plenty of positives

Silverstone business activity giving UK tech & manufacturing plenty of positives

28 January 2019

Barclays has highlighted activity at Silverstone Park and within the Silverstone Technology Cluster as examples of why industry should be excited about the future of high-tech and manufacturing in the UK.

Writing for industry leading media title The Manufacturer, the bank’s Head of Manufacturing Helena Sans singled out electric car company Uniti, the STC’s growth and support of the region’s tech businesses plus Silverstone Park’s Innovation for Innovation schools project.

Swedish company Uniti’s decision to build its first vehicle, the One, from a new digitalised production plant at Silverstone Park demonstrated “exactly how vibrant and exciting UK-based innovation is”. Vehicle battery specialist start-up Danecca, which recently set up at the estate, was named as well.

Meanwhile, she added, the STC’s “high density of innovation has given the region the reputation of being a crucial ‘engine room of the UK economy’.”

On top of that, there was praise for the Inspiration for Innovation programme which is helping to make secondary school students more aware of careers in high-tech and manufacturing via greater engagement with businesses.

The article also flagged Milton Keynes-based Transport Catapult Centre’s contribution alongside that of the STC in aiding development of the Cambridge-Oxford Arc, aka the ‘high-tech super cluster’.

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Elsewhere, The Design Council (the government’s advisor on design) has featured an interview with Uniti’s Vehicle Development Director Sally Povolotsky on its website.

Asked how she thought locating to within the STC benefited companied, she replied: “The Silverstone Technology cluster has a very high density of the very specific competences needed for this method of production, as well as mature processes. We feel this is the perfect eco-system to deliver the Uniti One.”

She continued: “The local economy will benefit from the Cluster, from local employment of professionals and staff for the R&D side on site at Silverstone, through to the contractors, supply chain, innovators and test bed centres.”

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The STC was formed in January 2017 after independent research commissioned by Silverstone Park developer MEPC in 2015/16 revealed a true industry cluster within an hour’s drive time radius of Silverstone.

The research showed that the area is home to over 3,500 businesses operating in different high-tech activities from software design to advanced engineering and everything in between. This includes electronics, CAD, manufacturing, R&D and the professional service companies that support these activities in sectors such as aerospace, medical devices, defence, marine and motorsport.