Silverstone name enabling auto marketing specialist CMB to punch above its weight

Silverstone name enabling auto marketing specialist CMB to punch above its weight

09 April 2017

CMB Automotive’s potential as a marketing expert in motoring and motorsport – particularly when it comes to helping UK companies trade in the USA (see separate story) – has been helped greatly by becoming a ‘virtual occupier’ at Silverstone Park.

Chris Bowers’s business is one of around 20 enjoying the benefits of a ‘virtual office’ at the high-tech business estate and it’s clear the association with the Silverstone name has worked.

“In the UK, Silverstone is a halo name, no doubt about it,” says Chris. “The association enhances people’s perception of us and potentially enables us to punch above our weight.

“The address, even if only virtual, still gives you that presence. We also use Silverstone Park as a meeting place for clients and suppliers and for internal meetings – what MEPC has done with the estate and Innovation Centre, which is where we hold our meetings, makes it the ideal location and facility. As soon as you drive through the entrance you’re connected…”

Chris’s business cards now boast addresses for CMB in both Silverstone and Detroit as business Stateside gathers pace.

He adds: “People out there in automotive and motorsport are aware of the Silverstone name and that is probably set to grow with F1’s new owners.

“They’ve hinted they want to make F1 – which has a European background essentially – a much more familiar brand and sport to people in the USA. That can only be good for us and our clients.”

While Chris is a frequent face about Silverstone Park his company’s growth does mean some commuting to Detroit.

“That’s really to meet clients, plus there are a lot of trade shows and networking opportunities happening around Detroit,” he explains. “The location also means places like Indiana and Toronto – both centres for the auto industry and manufacturing – are within reach.

“I’m at the stage now where I have a very good consultant based in the office we’ve taken in Detroit – hopefully he can become full-time in the near future and, very much keeping the Silverstone Park name as part of our image, we can look to build a small team.”