Silverstone Park launches car share scheme for businesses and employees

Silverstone Park launches car share scheme for businesses and employees

31 August 2022

Silverstone Park is to launch an innovative new car sharing scheme – Kinto Join – that aims to help its business occupiers and employees significantly reduce fuel costs as well as emissions.

Using the Kinto Join app, commuters can find their ideal ‘travel buddies’ based on location and working hours, right down to finer details such as radio station and music preferences.

Beginning next week, users will be able to opt in either as the driver (using their own vehicle) or as a passenger.

The app can record individual journeys that, over time, help build a bigger picture of people’s travel movements, thereby increasing the pool of people for journey sharing.

Already, a Porsche Drive experience day is being offered as the first prize incentive for those registering their journey details by 30 September.

MEPC’s Ruth Williams, Asset Manager at Silverstone Park, commented: “With the cost-of-living crisis and fuel prices also high, people are rightly concerned about the effects that travelling to and from the workplace is having on their personal finances.

“A car sharing scheme such as Kinto Join provides a much more contemporary method of travel for people and helps address those concerns.

“Furthermore, this adds to the sustainability credentials of businesses embracing the technology as they are seen to be actively contributing to reducing traffic levels and emissions.

“We’re really excited to see what patterns emerge across the surrounding districts and counties that Silverstone Park employees commute from and to during the working week.”

Veronica Reynolds, Travel Advisor for Silverstone Park, said: “Our research of other workplaces where employees are car sharing shows really positive feedback and that people have quickly begun to see the benefits – particularly in terms of money saved.

“With working patterns having changed since the pandemic, we know that many people arrive and leave work at different times of day which is why we’ve gone for the Kinto Join app – it has flexibility built into it, which means users can choose to share with different people at different times of day on different days of the week.

“It’s a very simple app to use – just as, for example, Strava is for runners and walkers – and is helping people adapt to a new way of travel.”

She added: “The research shows that people are finding the shared journeys into work fun – new friendships are being built and, at the same time, there’s a shared sense of purpose in terms of contributing to lowering emissions.”

Kinto Join is not limited to those travelling by car – it can also be used by cyclists to connect with each other for the ride into the workplace.

Silverstone Park’s car sharing scheme will be in place the week beginning 5 September.

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