Silverstone Park scaling-up ambitions for high-end cable specialist NICAB

Silverstone Park scaling-up ambitions for high-end cable specialist NICAB

22 April 2021

NICAB, a manufacturer of specialist high-grade cable assemblies & wire harnesses for advanced engineering applications, is to increase its production line from a new 5,000 sq ft headquarters at Silverstone Park.

The business’s cabling looms and harnesses are designed bespoke to withstand demanding environments.

This can range from inside Covid test centre laboratory equipment to navigational instrumentation aboard aeroplanes, helicopters and Navy vessels.

“We manufacturer at low to medium volume for the very specific, made-to-measure needs of customers who are operating at a an extremely high level,” explained MD Nick Locke.

“This could even be in ambulances or high-performance vehicles – wherever there is a need to ensure 100% reliability in linking up power and data devices.

“We also supply a lot to the entertainments industry, for mixing consoles in audio equipment and recording studios across to robotic arms you might see operating as part of a show.”

Nick founded NICAB in Brackley in 2010 after spotting a niche opportunity in the UK’s manufacturing industry supply chain.

“As a kid I was always taking things apart to see how they work, but when I went to school I certainly wasn’t thinking ‘I want to make cables when I leave!’,” he explained.

“With a background in IT, I found the most interesting part was supply of cables that we used. It struck me that we have a vibrant manufacturing industry and I could bring my background in advanced technologies to serve a gap in the market for supplying IT and traditional manufacturing companies, so I decided to set up NICAB.”

The business has gradually expanded to 14 employees covering roles in admin, purchasing, accounts, product and technical management, quality inspection and test engineering.

Nick added: “We’ve moved wholesale to Silverstone Park and the team are excited by that – it’s a bigger building, the place looks fantastic on arrival and there’s a real quality to the name.

“We most definitely do not see this as ‘a factory’. This is a contemporary HQ for our business, complete with a workshop of skilled technicians.

“There is an art to what we do and we like to develop crafts people. Each item we assemble is unique in its design and assembly – bespoke for that particular customer. Think of it like asking a carpenter to design and build a piece of furniture to your exact requirements…”

And Nick continued: “We are ambitious about developing new talent: we currently have two apprentices as well as three ex-apprentices who are still with us.

“Young people can come into our industry with no experience, go on a training a course and come out as someone highly technical and qualified – there’s very definitely a career path there.”

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