Spatial computing and robotics possibilities being explored by Silverstone Park businesses

Spatial computing and robotics possibilities being explored by Silverstone Park businesses

30 September 2021

The specialisms of high-tech businesses at Silverstone Park make them “a perfect fit” for helping develop future possibilities with artificial intelligence (AI).

That’s the view of Richard Foster-Fletcher whose MKAI organisation – a leading international network of AI and cognitive technology experts – has begun working with six businesses at the Park, as part of a 12-month AI In Residence programme arranged by the estate’s developer MEPC.

Richard commented: “The first quarter is about co-devising with the businesses what new AI technologies can do for them. I have been impressed with the enthusiasm, creativity, and capabilities of the leaders.

“Currently, we are sewing the seeds with ideas for projects using augmented reality, spatial computing, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and robotics. I’m looking forward to seeing these seeds grow in the coming months.”

The six businesses participating in AI In Residence are:

• Digital Manufacturing Centre, run by KWSP
• Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, run by TotalSim
• Punch Flybrid
• Applus+ 3C Test
• Danecca
• Lunaz

PUNCH Flybrid MD Tobias Knichel said: “Using the power of AI will become more and more important and the AI In Residence programme is a great way to use AI in real world, practical applications. PUNCH Flybrid will improve its customer service in the construction industry through smart AI algorithms.”

Richard added: “Each of the six businesses on the programme has bought into the unique MKAI model of leveraging our knowledge network to problem-solve, ideate and challenge beliefs.

“High-tech companies like those at Silverstone Park are a natural fit for this project. They produce significant amounts of technical data that provide use cases that we can leverage for business growth.

“I commend MEPC for its leadership and for making this service available to the resident businesses. Every time I visit the Park, I am blown away by the capabilities, innovation, and entrepreneurship surrounding me. It makes me think anything is possible.”

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