Super Cluster debate “better than Question Time!”

Super Cluster debate “better than Question Time!”

23 July 2019

Silverstone Park’s Commercial Director Roz Bird has further argued the case for a cross-industry ‘super cluster’ to boost the Cambridge-Oxford growth corridor’s fortunes during appearances at events in June.

MEPC’s Roz, also Chair of the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), explained the great potential of the high-tech activity beyond the two cities as a panellist at Property Week’s/Bidwells’ ‘Science Parks & Innovation Spotlight’ event in London.

The audience comprised developers, business leaders and science park managers…

Roz commented: “It was good to be on a platform alongside strong voices from Oxford and Cambridge and to make the case that together with other key research institutes, science parks and cluster organisations across the whole geography, there is potentially an even greater opportunity than originally thought by government.

“This is not just about Oxford and Cambridge – the opportunity lies in the as yet untapped potential which we can knit together to create a high-tech ‘super cluster’.”

She added: “It was a very useful debate – people came up afterwards and said it was better than Question Time!”

Prior to her Property Week/Bidwells engagement, Roz had also put forward her case for re-branding the Cambridge-Oxford growth corridor as a ‘super cluster’ at two more senior events: UK Property Forums’ ‘BucksPropFest’ at Aylesbury Theatre (6 June) and Built Environment Network’s ‘Oxford Cambridge Arc Development Conference’ at MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes (20 June).

At BucksPropFest, both Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership and Bucks Business First highlighted how Silverstone Park’s Enterprise Zone set an example for future development of land across the growth corridor.

At Built Environment Network’s event, however, the debate took on a different tone…

“My message to the audience which included a lot of property people was that development of a super cluster would be for everyone to get involved – not just the public sector,” said Roz.

“This is a chance for the public sector and private sector to work together, to promote the amazing R&D activity across the whole geography, inspire businesses to grow and inspire young people in schools to do their best and dream of a fantastic future career in the area.”

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Pic: Jon Rawcliffe/SEMLEP