Tech firm EDM enjoying strongest year since early nineties at Silverstone Park

Tech firm EDM enjoying strongest year since early nineties at Silverstone Park

21 September 2021

Silverstone Park business EDM Precision Technologies, a leading wire and spark erosion specialist for the advanced engineering and manufacturing industries, says it is experiencing arguably its strongest period in the business’s 30-year history.

MD Paul Waldron said: “2019 was our best year ever and 2021 is looking like 2019 again – we’re enjoying something of a purple patch.”

EDM was founded in 1992 and, having moved to Silverstone Park in 1994, has become recognised in numerous high-tech sectors for providing high quality, intricately machined metal components thanks to its know-how of wire and spark erosion.

Formula 1, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Defence (MoD), Marine, Medical Devices and ‘Blue Light Services’ have all been repeat customers for EDM.

But explained Paul: “We’ve actually, during the pandemic, seen two new big areas of growth for us.

“More universities have asked us to machine test parts from various alloys and mixes of metals for students to research how good they are for applications in additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is, of course, becoming a big growth area in its own right, but still needs the research…

“We’ve also received growing demand from scientific companies to produce intricate components for optical solutions (eg. use of optics inside computers, and specialist fibre optic connectors).”

Paul hinted at the variety of other innovative projects being worked on inside EDM’s 6000 sq ft premises.

He added: “In the ‘Blue Light’ sector, we’ve also been asked to help with modifications to some areas of electric vehicles, to adapt them for the specific needs of emergency services.

“Another very interesting project has been to put defects into sections of oil pipeline so the manufacturer can calibrate the ultra-sonic testing devices that they use to inspect the inside of the pipelines.”

And Paul believes a decision to continue to invest during the Covid pandemic is behind much of EDM’s current success.

He said: “We invested over £200,000 in the last 12 months, with over £120,000 alone in a new and quite rare Mistubishi 2400R machine – it’s bigger and enables us to accommodate larger componentry for customers. Not many businesses have these amazingly accurate machines and it’s a bit of a game-changer…

“Crucially, we were quick to make the decision to invest and located one that was already in the UK – that meant we avoided its transportation being delayed in the Suez Canal crisis.

“Spark and wire erosion is a niche market, so we took the strategic decision to invest in search engine optimisation on the Internet. That’s got us higher up the search and has led to some of the customers we are working with, as well as others that we have from word of mouth and repeat custom.”

He enthused: “Our decision to invest is paying off for us: we’ve now got probably the strongest team of technicians we’ve ever had, we’re the busiest we’ve ever been, and we’ve got new machinery and greater capacity.

“We’ve just taken on another apprentice and are now looking to recruit a miller/turner…”

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