A touch of Pininfarina for Metrology Facility upgrade

A touch of Pininfarina for Metrology Facility upgrade

04 July 2018

Silverstone Park’s Metrology Facility is now home to the fastest precision measuring machine of its type in the UK – created in conjunction with the legendary Pininfarina name which is better known for its design work on Ferrari supercars.

The £110,000 Global S Blue recently arrived at the Facility inside Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre which is managed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence after a 1000 mile road trip from Turin, Italy where it was built.

Its arrival marks the start of a major £500,000-plus upgrade of the Facility which opened in summer 2016 as a joint venture between HMI and Silverstone Park developer MEPC.

In addition the Facility houses ROMER articulated arms, TIGO, Tube Inspect P8 (tube measurement/inspection) and OPTIV (optical measuring) machines which are essential to high tech engineering its supply chain companies. HMI’s very latest SWIFT Check equipment – used to verify accuracy – is also being used.

Indeed the Facility is the only dedicated sub-contract inspection facility in the UK and gives start-up and SME businesses – in particular those located in the surrounding Silverstone Technology Cluster – access to state of the art measuring equipment which would otherwise be prohibitive because of cost.

The Global S Blue has been designed from the ground up by HMI – the world leader in the science of metrology – with input from Pininfarina.

Its X5 probe head – capable of delving further inside componentry for accurate readings – is able to measure an incredible 1000 points per second while its ‘3D speed’ is calculated at 4300mm per seconds squared making it the fastest in its class.

Furthermore the level of precision to which it measures componentry is put at 1.4 microns – consider that one micron is equivalent to 1000th of a millimetre.

“The Global S Blue really is a masterpiece of engineering and helps to take the Facility – already the best in UK metrology and which provides unrivalled levels of support – to the next level,” commented John Drover, HMI Sales Manager.

“Increasing our capability and capacity with an upgrade of machinery is an exciting period and coincides with some very interesting projects we have been asked to work on recently, ranging from automotive to space.

“More importantly this enables the Facility to keep up with technology and the demands of our customers.”