“You should see where these guys are”

“You should see where these guys are”

24 April 2015

Ace computer software specialist Fibonacci’s bosses say there’s no place else they would rather be than at Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre…

Keith Williams and David Curran both agree that under MEPC’s management of Silverstone Park – which started in September 2013 – the building is now at its absolute finest and truly a ‘des res’ for SMEs in the high performance technology and motor sport (HPT&M) sectors.

“The address is always very important – if you’re a small company and writing software, like us, there’s always the danger that people think you’re designing it out of your garage or back bedroom” explains Keith.

“It’s all about punching above your weight and with this place – particularly like it is now – you can do that and you have a relatively low-cost office at a great address.

“I looked at other offices that were very nice and which would have suited us fine but the address was number 38 Castle Street or whatever and that was going to look wrong on the letterhead.

“When we take calls people can sometimes hear racing cars testing on the track behind us. That has immediate wow factor.”

It was a meeting with global computing giant Microsoft not so long ago that the advantages of being based at Silverstone Park really hit home for Fibonacci.

Keith adds: “We were at their palatial offices in Reading, yet still had one of their people say to another ‘You should see where these guys are’. I thought ‘Yeah, it’s paid off’!

“It gives you that cache. The building looks good, the word ‘innovation’ is in the name, everyone’s heard of Silverstone, it gives you something immediately…”

David has also praised MEPC’s management of Silverstone Park and its Innovation Centre.

He adds: “It has changed a vast amount in just the last ten to 12 months with MEPC. They’ve done some very good things, improved the look of the place and re-energised it. They aren’t just sitting on it and saying ‘we’ve got rent, we don’t need to do any more’. To see the social committee re-start is great too.”