Motorcycle Legend

Huge Credibility and Increased Market Share

With record sales, cutting edge design and the perfect location in Silverstone Park, the future has never looked rosier for the racing red of Ducati UK.

Its smart two-storey building is the nerve centre for sales and marketing, PR, rider apparel, financing, UK racing activity and dealer network training and roadshow logistics nationwide.

Ducati UK Managing Director Tim Maccabee says: “Silverstone makes for the ideal home for an automotive brand that prides itself on a rich sporting heritage and passionate following.

“When it comes to the growth of a company we very much believe in the saying ‘anything that reflects the brand affects the brand’. As a premium sporting automotive brand why wouldn’t you want to be at the home of British motorsport? Furthermore, it’s nice for many reasons that we are being supported by the development that MEPC is doing on upgrading Silverstone Park.

“I would say Silverstone was already the circuit with the best standards of facilities, but MEPC are coming in and working on the right things. From the tenants they are bringing in and the development they are working on, it all points to high quality, which will only add to that general perception and feel that reflects well on the brand being here.

“It’s intangible in terms of feel good factor. When we run a training course for dealership sales people, for example, they’re already getting excited when they drive up the main drive to Silverstone. That wasn’t the case at our previous building – some very anonymous offices about 15 miles away which would be nice for a company selling photocopiers or insurance products. We’re about stirring the soul. It’s why we are here.”