Expansion for Expion

It’s been a great 12 months for recruitment specialist Expion with global courier service FedEx joining its client roster plus a growth in the size of its own team in its office at Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre.

Expion specialises in recruiting middle to senior level management into the food, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), automotive and medical devices markets. Formed in Huddersfield in 2010, its Silverstone Park office opened two years later after Business Unit Director Caroline Vooght proved that investment in a ‘southern office’ would allow Expion to expand.

While food and FMCG have been the areas to really take off – clients include big brand names such as Nestle, Twinings, Birds Eye and Ella’s Kitchen – Expion at Silverstone has also recently won business with global courier service FedEx. Furthermore from just two people in 2014 the company is now up to four in number.

And predicted Caroline: “I think it will keep expanding. The reason for that is the market is very buoyant and showing no signs of slowing down. Also I’ve been able to recruit talented consultants who are hungry and have the capability to grow a team around them – that allows me to spend time on coaching, mentoring and client development. From all angles it’s going to expand.

“Our geographical reach being positioned here has allowed us access to more clients further south, including head offices in London. While the automotive division is in Huddersfield, it’s now starting to make sense to expand it in this direction as well and business with FedEx is key to this.

“The fact we are also multi-sited north and south gives clients confidence that we can tap into pools of talent around the country, rather than being very geographical in one location. Technology has completely revolutionised recruitment, and we utilise interviews on Skype and FaceTime for example, but this geographical proximity to candidates and clients means we can visit our clients and of course invite them here.”

A Silverstone Park address plus the working environment provided by the Innovation Centre – significantly enhanced across the estate by MEPC during the past 18 months – has clearly played its part in Expion’s success.

Caroline added: “It’s given us an ability to attract some exceptional talent – people who will take our business forward. The track record and experience they bring is very important and they were attracted by this location. The address is very beneficial.”