Hybrid Technology

A truly remarkable story...

A truly remarkable success story, Flybrid is regarded as one of the world leaders in mechanical hybrid technology.

Founded in 2007 by Jon Hilton and Doug Cross the company began operations from the Silverstone Park Innovation Centre.

Jon Hilton recalls: “It was just Doug and I and one paid employee in a serviced 500 sq ft office – we couldn’t manufacturer anything in there of course but we could draw and sub-contract out to people with equipment to machine and build components.

“The start date was 2 January 2007 and by Christmas that year we were testing on a dyno – by March 2008 we’d landed a big contract with Jaguar-Land Rover and by July we had moved into our current 7000 sq ft premises 200 yards away.

“In winter 2008 we saw product finally in a vehicle and since then it’s snowballed. In our fourth year of trading 100 per cent of our sales was export – we now have UK customers but we’ve done business around the world in China and the USA, which did surprise me to start with.

“We’re now 23 people at Silverstone Park. We’ve designed, developed and built 12 systems for different vehicles from cars, buses and trucks working with companies such as Volvo, Jaguar, the Wright Bus group and JCB excavators, plus we are now owned by the Torotrak group which has 80 or so engineers.”

It is a truly remarkable success story with Flybrid now regarded as one of the leaders in mechanical hybrids in the world. The company has also 55 patents pending globally.

All of this achieved at Silverstone Park.