Tech translator


Achieving ISO 9001 standard in quality management plus membership of the elite Association of Translation Companies (ATC) are just the latest feathers in German-English translator Matterhorn Languages’ cap which attributes much of its success to a base at Silverstone Park.

It’s 18 months since the seven-strong SME re-located to a 500 sq ft office in the estate’s Innovation Centre where it carries out translations for clients such as the VW Group in the UK, Skoda in the Czech Republic, the Swiss government’s air accident investigation department and even Germany’s largest sports mail order company Sport Thiemer.

Immediately the building’s buzzy environment – it is home to around 20 start-up businesses and SMEs operating in high-tech and professional services – has had a positive effect.

“We felt right at home straight away,” commented Matterhorn Managing Director Susanne Lewis, “but it’s more than that – we really value being part of a high-tech community and being surrounded by so many tech experts, especially in the automotive industry.

“A lot of what we translate is technical. If we have a question about how something works then we have so many neighbours we can draw on to help with accuracy.

“Technology in cars now is so clever so it is very important that we know what we are writing is 100 per cent accurate – to have that pool of knowledge on our door step is invaluable.”

On top of accuracy, maintaining tone and sentiment in translations is another area in which the Matterhorn team excels.

“We can end up having huge discussions over just one word or phrase in a text to make sure we are satisfied – there is an artistry to it!” explained Susanne.

It is this ‘artistry’ that has contributed to Matterhorn achieving its ISO 9001 quality management certification – awarded in recognition of a company installing best practices and processes.

Susanne added: “Any text we handle is firstly translated by a native speaker of the target language. But then instead of another native speaker checking it we have a mother tongue speaker of the source language going over it to check that the nuances have been handled correctly. This ensures the translation is faithful to the source text and also captures the sentiment of the message.”

ATC membership adds further to Matterhorn’s credentials. Susanne enthused: “Recently I attended the ATC Conference in London which made me realise we’re in a great position not only because of our well thought out work process but also our specialism – we are great at both technical and marketing/PR texts.”

Susanne is also confident about the future for Matterhorn – especially with its Silverstone Park location.

“There is so much happening – new commercial properties going up, a lot of technical innovation, some very exciting names re-locating here and all the social events for staff. It’s an inspirational place to be.

“We have really upped our game. Hopefully we can expand the team by a couple more people in the near future. Certainly we are looking forward to the next 18 months here at least and seeing how Silverstone Park continues to develop.”