Telecoms expert


MLL, a leading provider of secure managed network services to many of telecommunications’ biggest names, has chosen new industrial units at Silverstone Park to base one of its most important technical nerve centres.

The company’s new 5,500 sq ft premises at Silverstone Park are part of a new development of 125,000 sq ft of industrial/workshop units, completed by the estate’s developer MEPC in November 2016. Four new companies have moved in within the first six months, several units are now in solicitors’ hands with announcements to follow and a full range of units remain available to let from 5,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft under one roof.

MLL is already contracted by three of the country’s main mobile service providers – Vodafone, O2 and EE – to ensure they can deliver strong and uninterrupted signal.

In particular MLL’s technical capabilities make it an expert in creating signal in remote areas.

It is those capabilities that have also led to other major household names such as Virgin Media and BT as well as a number of local authorities and police forces plus the NHS being among its customer base.

The company, founded in 1991, is now 100 strong. Its workforce at Silverstone Park will be 12 to begin with – the majority technicians servicing and modifying already highly sophisticated communications systems for use out in the field.

“Ultimately we were founded on a relationship with Vodafone,” explained MLL’s Operations Support Manager Chris Stratton.

“If BT was unable to connect up a Vodafone mast then Vodafone came to us for a microwave link. We were able to provide a means of connecting Vodafone’s base stations that weren’t connected by BT cable or at ground level.

“Then we expanded into public sector networks and developed from there to providing secure networks for county councils, police forces, health organisations and NHS trusts. We continue to roll out new networks in the UK for customers…”

MLL’s work for the NHS really stands out and is a testament to its expertise and reputation.

Chris continued: “To be given security clearance to go on the NHS framework is a big deal and it required us to achieve ‘HSCN’ certification – we’re among the very first to achieve that.

“We’re a niche high quality player, winning new business in the public sector and supporting mobile phone networks – this includes design installation and commissioning for emergency services with extension networks out into remote areas so they can still talk to one another.

“Our premises at Silverstone Park enable us to expand our deployment capability. We’ve brought a lot of previously sub-contracted installation work in-house and Silverstone Park gives us a really well positioned central location for all our deployment of equipment and logistics.

“The appeal of Silverstone is that it is a prestigious and very central location with good transport links as we are a UK nationwide business.”

He added: “There’s a lot of very clever technology involved and at Silverstone we’ll be bringing in parts from the likes of Ericcson or Nokia, bespoke-configuring them and then transporting them out into the field.

“In short a lot of what we’ll be doing there is taking a radio box, telling it who it needs to talk to, deciding where the signal’s going to come from and configuring it to do the job

“We are at the cutting edge of getting connectivity where it doesn’t exist at the moment and a lot of being able to sustain that will be down to our new base at Silverstone Park.”