New units to let

New Units Available To Let


*Only two units remain available To Let*

The latest scheme comprises a full range of unit sizes:

Six terraced units (1140 to 1145) totalling 55,000 sq ft and ranging in size from 6,000 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft.

Further opportunities for units ranging in size from 12,000 sq ft to 21,000 sq ft.

Seven detached industrial units range in size from 18,000 sq ft to 40,000 sq ft.
*See PDF downloads for detailed comparables

Silverstone Park offers significant advantages as a Northamptonshire / Buckinghamshire business location.

These new commercial units benefit from the prominence provided by the Dadford Road and are accessed using existing roundabouts at the main entrance to the Circuit and The Wing building.

The land has already been serviced with a new supply of gas, water and electricity, completing a six-year utilities upgrade by MEPC.

Silverstone Park provides an ideal base for high-tech, engineering and industrial businesses looking to benefit from a central Northamptonshire location.

March 2021: CLICK HERE to view a time-lapse video showing ground-up construction of the latest development.

Units 1140 – 1506, Download further information

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Drone footage of new development

Unit 1141 - L E T Unit Offices Total
5,037 1,355 6,392
Unit 1140 - L E T Unit Offices Total
5,047 1,391 6,438
Unit 1142 - L E T Unit Offices Total
6,760 1,765 8,525
Unit 1145 - L E T Unit Offices Total
8,127 2,305 10,432
Unit 1144 - L E T Unit Offices Total
8,145 2,310 10,455
Unit 1143 - L E T Unit Offices Total
8,189 3,670 11,859
Unit 1500B* - L E T Unit Total
10,828 10,828
Unit 1502 - L E T Unit Offices Total
15,397 2,445 17,842
Unit 1500A* Unit Offices Total
18,815 3,670 22,485
Unit 1505 - L E T Unit Offices Total
22,432 2,970 25,402
Unit 1504 - L E T Unit Offices Total
23,340 2,990 26,330
Unit 1501 Unit Offices Total
26,033 4,214 30,247
Unit 1503 - L E T Unit Offices Total
26,560 4,353 30,913
Unit 1506 - L E T Unit Offices Total
34,759 5,252 40,011

What our occupiers say

“The efforts of Silverstone Park and the Silverstone Technology Cluster mean that lots of high-tech companies working in areas such as aerospace, defence and electric/hybrid vehicles are now polarising around the location. It is almost becoming a ‘mini Silicone Valley’ – the tech hub of the UK – and we need to be a part of that…” Andy Burton, European Business Manager, PWR Advanced Cooling Technology
“We like how MEPC is developing Silverstone Park as a hot spot for advanced technologies and attracting tech companies as a result.” Kieron Salter, Founder, KW Special Projects
“MEPC have delivered what they said they were going to do in terms of facilities that are continuing to grow on site. They’ve also really enhanced the social element and the working environment – it’s now a really nice place to visit, to look at and have around you as a business, particularly for the people we employ.” Simon Dowson, Founder, Delta Motorsport
“Like any business we’ve shopped about and considered being based elsewhere but every time we have come back to ‘it has to be Silverstone’. It’s like a doctor having an address on Harley Street.” Laurence Wiltshire, Managing Director, GTA Global / Octane Junkies
“We’ve worked hard to get a good reputation and it is massively important to us, as all our work comes from referrals. We are delighted that we can stay busy by working for a variety of high-performance industries and being at Silverstone only reinforces that.” Paul Waldron, Managing Director, EDM Precision Technologies Ltd

Building Specification

We would very much welcome initial conversations with anyone keen to explore this opportunity.

To contact Roz Bird, Tel: +44 01327 856000 or email

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Edward, Tel +44 (0)1865 404459 or email

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