Silverstone Technology Cluster


The Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) is an area within approximately a one-hour drive time radius of Silverstone Park, identified in a well-documented report as being home to an industry cluster of 3,500 businesses with an exceptional pool of specialist skills in high-tech engineering.

The report (published May 2016) was authored by SQW, the highly respected economic and social development research firm whose findings first brought the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ to public attention.

Swiftly the STC received recognition and backing from the government and also the business and finance communities. A new company, Silverstone Technology Cluster, was launched in December 2016 to raise awareness of the Cluster among potential investors so as to enable it to grow as an engine room of the UK economy.

In December 2020 it was appointed as a national ‘Trailblazer’ project for government-backed business advice network Be The Business.

In July 2021 it became one of nine powerful business clusters to form a ‘Super Cluster’ whose key objectives are to explore ways to connect the high-tech businesses and unlock the ‘latent potential’ between the networks across the government’s Cambridge to Oxford Arc growth corridor.

The STC Board comprises Silverstone Park developer MEPC and Barclays which were both instrumental in commissioning the original SQW research and report, plus Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, EMW, Grant Thornton, Buckinghamshire Council and West Northamptonshire Council.

Lohmann Technologies and Danihar Technology are also on the Board, as industry advisers.

CLICK HERE to read MEPC Silverstone Park Commercial Director Roz Bird’s fascinating blog about how the Silverstone Technology Cluster went from hunch to reality…

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“STC is very much about empowering the advanced engineering companies within our region. It’s very clear that the people and organisations behind it are knowledgeable, well connected and determined to make this one of the UK’s stand-out industry clusters and of global significance. Why would any business specialising in engineering, technology and manufacturing not want to be a part of that?”
Paul Waldron, Managing Director, EDM Precision

“We would not hesitate to encourage any other business to become a member of the STC. If they are interested in joining a community of businesses keen to pursue and develop important business links and work towards a larger supportive network along with current STC members.”
Marcus Trofimov, Managing Director, Silverstone Composites

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