Specialist Facilities

Silverstone Park's World-Class Engineering Facilities

Silverstone Park is home to a growing number of world-class, specialist high-tech facilities including, the UK’s leading Hexagon Metrology and Digital Manufacturing centres, an impressive anechoic chamber for electro-magnetic testing and a cutting-edge aerodynamic wind tunnel.

These facilities are a real feather in the cap for the many high-tech SMEs and start-up businesses located in the surrounding Silverstone Technology Cluster region. These provide SMEs with greater access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, supporting research, development and on-going growth.

Collaboration breeds innovation and the addition of these businesses enables local businesses to utilise the best skills in aerodynamics performance, anechoic chamber (electro-magnetic) testing, digital and additive manufacturing, and metrology (precision measurement) on their doorstep.

For further information on any of our specialist engineering facilities, please contact enquiries@silverstone-park.com

Digital Manufacturing Centre “a real game changer for industry at large” Digital Manufacturing Centre “a real game changer for industry at large” 29 July 2021 Rare precision measuring machine available for smaller tech businesses Rare precision measuring machine available for smaller tech businesses 01 December 2020

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Applus+ 3C Test

Applus+ 3C Test in an independent laboratory, with more than 30 years delivering excellence in EMC testing of vehicles and components.

The lab is accredited to test and certify automotive and industrial equipment to ensure compliance with national, international and OEM standards.  In 2018, 3C Test joined the Applus+ group, reinforcing its position as a renowned laboratory for the UK and European automotive industry.

In 2021, Applus+ 3C Test expanded its facilities with a second building at Silverstone Park.  The investment provides new capabilities for large and heavy vehicles, EV motors, and other vehicle components, as well as being one of the most advanced test laboratories for EV batteries in the UK.



01327 855333


Digital Manufacturing Centre: Advanced Additive Manufacturing

The Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced engineering and and industrial additive manufacturing (AM)solutions – otherwise known as 3D printing.

Harnessing next-generation connected and automated manufacturing systems, alongside a team of highly skilled engineers, the DMC helps companies operating at the forefront of their industries to solve complex engineering problems.

Leveraging the latest metal and polymer AM technologies – the most advanced 3D printing services available – the DMC designs and manufactures parts for the UK’s space, aerospace, defence, motorsport, automotive, medical, marine, renewable energy, industrial and O&G sectors.

Completely unique in the marketplace, the DMC’s establishment comes at a critical time for the UK’s post-Brexit, post-COVID supply chain. Located at Silverstone Park, the 20,000 sq ft industrial 3D printing facility has been developed with the support of a number of industry-leading technical partners.


01327 636800


Hexagon Metrology Facility: The science of measurement

Silverstone Park is home to the innovative Metrology Facility operated by Hexagon and located in our Innovation Centre – the UK’s only dedicated sub-contract inspection metrology facility.

The metrology centre is utilised by the many high-tech SMEs and start-up businesses located in the surrounding region, within the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

The Hexagon Metrology Facility predominantly supports SMEs by offering much greater access to state-of-the-art precision measuring machinery, as well as training.

Equipment, such as Hexagon’s Global S co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), can help these innovative and ambitious companies access metrology and CMM services to inspect prototype componentry or end products to within 1.3 microns (one micron being the equivalent to 1,000th of a millimetre).

This can be across various industry sectors, including aerospace, defence, electronics, energy, medical devices, motorsport, orthopaedics and space exploration.

The Facility is managed by the Manufacturing Intelligence division of Hexagon – the world leader in the science of metrology and a technical partner to the Red Bull Formula 1 team.


03332 414444


Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub: Enabling Sports Engineering Research & Development

Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub (SSEH) is a pioneering sports engineering facility, providing the tools and environment for innovation in sport via its innovative testing facilities.

It offers impartial and confidential test services with customers ranging from elite athletes and cycling teams to manufacturers from the sports performance market. State-of-the-art equipment allows athletes at the top of their game to find marginal gains, which can prove to be the difference between winning and losing.

Facilities include a Sports Performance Wind Tunnel (SPWT), Fabric Wind Tunnel (FWT), Performance Lab and the Cycling Test Lab.

The Cycling Test Lab was created in collaboration with Silverstone University Technology College and supported by a local growth fund from BucksLEP. There are currently 3 test rigs – rolling resistance rig, stiffness rig and chain efficiency rig. The formation of the relationship with Silverstone UTC will aid students by offering the opportunity to further their education by applying their learning to real world applications.

The Wind Tunnel is primarily used for cycling, however it can also conduct tests for other sports which benefit from reducing aerodynamic drag, such as Skiing, Skeleton and Bobsleigh. Further features such as a powered roller for testing wheels in isolation and athlete outline capture make the SSEH Wind Tunnel one of the most versatile and specialised of its kind.


01327 222830