Brand evolves with new ‘Grow | Succeed | Belong’ message

Brand evolves with new ‘Grow | Succeed | Belong’ message

20 January 2020

Silverstone Park developer MEPC has unveiled dynamic new signage to reflect how it is delivering its original vision for the region’s business community.

New signage – headlined by the words ‘Grow | Succeed | Belong’ – illustrates many of the faces involved in successful business growth and community projects hosted and organised by the estate.

These initiatives have included profile raising events, networking, creating new opportunities for occupier businesses, attracting industry events, founding the Silverstone Technology Cluster and improving careers advice for hundreds of school students in the region.

The signage is located at points along the Dadford Road which leads to the business estate’s main entrance.

MEPC’s Roz Bird, Commercial Director at Silverstone Park, commented: “This new signage shows the next phase of our brand marketing – it sets out why people want to come to Silverstone Park and what is happening here.

“We’ve moved our brand marketing on from ‘from here we change the world’ to ‘together we change the world’ because this reflects the community spirit present at the park.

“This is something we (MEPC) have nurtured because ultimately it helps our companies to ‘grow, succeed and belong’ – essential to people, business and life!”

She added: “The people in the pictures are ‘the community’; in so many different events and meetings at Silverstone Park since MEPC became the developer for the estate in 2013.

“People are learning from and inspiring one another every day here, meaning the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

“This leads to business confidence and it also starts to affect the wider area – the birth of Silverstone Technology Cluster and the success of the ‘Inspiration for Innovation’ schools engagement programme are just two examples…

“I think I can say that all of us pictured are proud to work together. I’m certainly proud to be working with them! It is so great to see the Park moving on and supporting its people, and it’s good to be moving the brand on so as to reflect this.”

The new ‘Grow | Succeed | Belong’ message will also transfer to the website, literature and general communications over the next few months.