Coding class swiftly introduces youngsters to potential future careers

Coding class swiftly introduces youngsters to potential future careers

19 April 2022

MEPC Silverstone Park and Hexagon have helped bring more coding skills to the classroom, this time with a group of students ranging from eight to 16 years of age.

Through Hexagon’s ties with Lego, the pair combined to provide a coding beginner’s class for 30 students at Ivel Valley School in Bedfordshire.

Within an hour they had built a variety of Lego’s WeDo kits and learnt how to instruct their creations to move using coding via iPads.

Aaron Norwood, Ivel’s KS4 Lead, commented: “It was a brilliant experience and some of the students who can struggle academically were visibly enjoying it and felt comfortable in becoming engaged.

“The way it was explained sparked something in the students to get involved and Claire (Waterson from Hexagon) and Kiely (Nichols from Silverstone Park) gave them the freedom to then explore and create on their own.

“Before long, we had a couple of space robot races up the hallway, plus windmills, spirobots and moon buggies whizzing about. It was great fun for them.”

Hexagon’s Facilities Manager Claire Waterson said: “It’s always very rewarding for us to introduce young people to the world of coding and software.

“It’s a tentative first step in learning about skills that will play an important part of their lives and, therefore, also might lead to some of them going on to pursue careers in tech and innovation and help solve some of the challenges the world faces.”

The visit to Ivel followed on from previous ‘coding club’ sessions in primary schools local to Silverstone Park in partnership with HMI and Enovation Consulting but which were suspended due to the Covid situation.

MEPC Silverstone Park has also this year re-launched its Schools Programme (#SPSchools) which sees a network of business volunteers it has built provide meet with local secondary school students to provide advice on careers awareness and pathways.

The programme, first launched in 2018, is a response by MEPC Silverstone Park and its volunteers to concerns about the skills shortage by local employers.

Among those volunteers is Hexagon, the world leader in the science of metrology (precision measurement) and which manages Silverstone Park’s own specialist Metrology Facility.

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