Fibonacci software ‘at forefront’ of National Health Care

Fibonacci software ‘at forefront’ of National Health Care

20 November 2015

Software developer Fibonacci believes it could be on the verge of a minor milestone in its history after creating what is a potentially breakthrough online data-sharing system for NHS trusts and social care authorities across England.

The company, based inside Silverstone Park’s Innovation Centre, has just seen its latest product put into action by the Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group.

“Ultimately this is the latest evolution of what we have been doing for about ten years,” says Fibonacci Director Keith Williams.

“The implementation project is under way at Wolverhampton and, we believe, it is at the forefront of what any NHS trust is doing in England. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are watching what Wolverhampton is doing – they are a positive project team and this is quite a pioneering approach.

“There is the possibility this could be rolled out among other CCGs. They have the same requirements and this is definitely not a one-off as far as we are concerned. We are looking to replicate this among other organisations…”

Fibonacci’s skills lay in developing easy-to-use software that staff working in the NHS, social care and other associated bodies can use to gather data on patients – whether for assessment or even in court hearings.

“We’ve always been good at this stuff, pulling together data for users in an easy-to-do way,” adds Keith. “This latest product is based on tried and tested systems we have developed and had used by different authorities in England, but it seriously takes the ability to data share to the next level. Because of the Government’s push for integrated health and social care, data sharing is becoming quite a pressing thing – they are all wanting this.

“The Government has put a lot of money into the Better Care Fund, to let NHS authorities and social care improve their integrated care and sharing of information. What we have enables them to share that information safely with precise control over what they choose to give another organisation and that is crucial.

“They can gradually increase the amount of information they give as well as the number of people they give it to and the circumstances under which they give it. They can enter carefully and cautiously into what is quite a scary phase for them.”

Fibonacci, it seems, has not just developed an ace piece of data-sharing software but done so with the end user very much in mind.

Keith explains: “We are increasingly more of a ‘turn-key’ solution as we are selling time as well as software. We can help our customers to implement this solution and that is increasingly going to be in demand with a project of this type.

“That means more of our time which means more people so we will be expanding in terms of numbers and office size here. It is going to be quite a turning point for us.”

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