“Inspiring and empowering” words for young business women

“Inspiring and empowering” words for young business women

28 June 2019

Women with ambitions of senior roles in industry have been left “inspired” and “reassured” by the words of MEPC’s Silverstone Park Commercial Director Roz Bird at two networking events in June.

Roz offered her thoughts on female entrepreneurship as a panellist at events hosted by the Cranfield School of Management at Barclays Eagle Lab, London and commercial law firm Freeths’ recently launched Business Women Network in Milton Keynes.

Cranfield’s event focused on greater encouragement of entrepreneurialism amongst young women.

Its Marketing & Communications Manager Violeta da Rold commented: “Roz’s contribution was very valuable and provided a perspective that I think will have impacted many in the audience on a personal level, encouraging and reassuring women entrepreneurs – and women in any profession – that it’s OK to be different and shape success in their own way.”

Freeths’ BD Manager Alison Foxton added: “Roz went down a storm as one of our four panellists, particularly as she is a woman in a role more traditionally held by men.

“Her words about mentoring and empowering right-thinking people and encouraging a progressive and all-embracing mind set in organisations were inspirational, particularly for younger women in our audience who aspire to senior positions in industry.”

Roz, also Chair of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, said: “I was very grateful to have the opportunity to share my views and experiences about being a woman in industry with audiences that are concerned about the workforce of today and creating the right type of environment to attract all women into industry.

“A big concern of mine is that a young woman coming through the education system into the world of work who is self-motivated and aspiring to do great things is perhaps not going to maximise her potential because of casual sexism.

“Young people – and this affects both women and men – could feel let down, be put off and not fulfil their aspirations because of others not giving enough thought to how they should conduct themselves.”

She continued: “It would be good to have a charter that companies sign up to, going above and beyond what is required to form working environments that enable everyone to maximise their potential.”