NPL’s Dr Claire Elliott guest speaker at first Silverstone Park Networking event of 2019

NPL’s Dr Claire Elliott guest speaker at first Silverstone Park Networking event of 2019

08 January 2019

Dr Claire Elliott, a Senior Measurement Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), will be guest speaker at the first Silverstone Park Networking event of 2019 (Mon 28 January).

Claire will use the event to emphasise the importance – particularly for high tech start-up and SME businesses – of calibration and traceability to the standard international (SI) units. NPL maintains the ability to accurately measure these units on behalf of UK industry.

“This will be very relevant to people working in high tech engineering,” commented Claire.

“Often at NPL we find that people working in smaller organisations are keen to get on with designing and building their new technology, but don’t understand the value of making sure the measurements involved are accurate, right from the start.

“This can sometimes be because, unlike larger organisations, they don’t have the systems already in place to ensure that equipment checks are kept up to date.

“Measurement validation is becoming increasingly important, particularly when defending product specifications and playing a part in complex international supply chains. Putting good practice in place from the outset can avoid a lot of last minute costs.”

The Park’s Networking events bring together companies from across the Silverstone business community – from high tech engineering, electronics and software development to those in the professional services sector – to discuss a broad range of topics that might affect them.

The above event, inside Silverstone Park’s Metrology Facility, runs from 17:30-19:30. Email to book space and for more details…

Claire added: “The beauty of events like these is that, whatever the sector, groups of people can meet and share ideas and thereby break out of their own boxes. Often one person working in one business can have an instantaneous solution for someone working in another.”