‘Pure fibre’ feed pushing Park’s internet speeds up to 10Gbps

‘Pure fibre’ feed pushing Park’s internet speeds up to 10Gbps

12 September 2018

The devil’s in the detail, so they say, and Bridge Fibre, contracted by MEPC to provide super-fast broadband to Silverstone Park, has the figures to back it up.

Bridge was appointed by MEPC when it took over the estate in late 2013. The average download speed on site then was a depressing six megabytes per second (6Mbps).

Average download speeds back then were a feeble six megabytes per second (6Mbps).

Now over one gigabyte (166 times stronger) is on tap with up to 10Gbps achievable if required. That would be an eye-watering increase compared to 2103’s speeds of 1666.66 per cent (you see where the devil comes in).

Much of that is down to Bridge’s use of pure fibre-optic cabling (known as ‘true fibre to the building’) which means a much smoother, more reliable flow of broadband. In addition there is a second feed to ensure an uninterrupted back-up.

This provides peace of mind for high tech businesses at Silverstone Park, many dealing in ‘big data’ and cloud-based systems/file sharing in areas such as R&D, engineering and applications, eSport gaming, augmented and virtual reality and product lifecycle management (PLM).

Bridge’s Managing Director Leigh Partin (pictured right) explained: “It gives the businesses at Silverstone Park an edge – there’s way less frustration and they can react to requests from clients considerably quicker.

“To our knowledge, there isn’t another business estate nearby that offers speeds or reliability anywhere like this.”

Businesses at Silverstone Park are free to choose whichever service provider they wish but Bridge is MEPC’s recommended partner. Furthermore, it also provides advanced and very smart telephone systems that add professionalism to any company’s dealings with clients.

Interestingly, whilst his business is about connectivity, Leigh enjoys being out of his comfort zone with adventures in remote places such as India and South East Asia. Next up is spotting wild gorillas in Uganda.

“It’ll be jeeps through the desert, setting up camp and then a mountain trek – we’ll be cut off from civilisation for two weeks!” enthused Leigh.

Meanwhile MEPC’s Roz Bird, Commercial Director for Silverstone Park, commented: “Bridge’s broadband and telephone technology adds great value to our businesses and, just as importantly, their clients which include big names in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, defence and medical devices.

“Technology is constantly becoming more sophisticated so it is important that Silverstone Park, as a global business destination, supports its businesses by providing the highest standard of service to enable them to meet the expectations of their clients with minimal fuss.”