Sky’s the limit for celebrity flight specialist Super Nova 360

Sky’s the limit for celebrity flight specialist Super Nova 360

15 July 2019

It really is a case of “I’m a celebrity; get me out of here!” for Silverstone Park based Super Nova 360 Ltd which specialises in flying the rich and famous around the world in private.

Lisa Reading’s business is just eight months old but her team of four collectively has 25 years’ experience of the aviation industry and, pun intended, things are taking off from inside its office in the Park’s Innovation Centre (which even feels like a posh airport lounge)!

Global stars from screen, sport, reality TV and music as well as politicians including heads of state are all clients. ‘Entourages’ are also included…

“Chiefly, we are an airport concierge business that is global, based throughout 600 airports providing a home-to-plane service for high net worth individuals, VIPs and celebrities although we are also now rolling out that service to the ordinary passenger,” commented Lisa.

“Generally we deal with the top 50 airport hubs in the world from the UK to Europe, the States, Asia, Middle East and Australasia…

“One of the most popular routes is the States to the UK and vice-versa – this could JFK to Heathrow or Heathrow to LAX.

“We’re also seeing an increasing number of requests from China and the Middle East because of their economies.”

Dealing with different time zones aside, Lisa explained that the most complex aspect of the job is logistics.

“It can be tiring – an individual’s itinerary can mean they have just taken off from Australia when it is in the small hours here in the UK. Our team works well in different shifts,” she added.

“Our knowledge of aviation – from operations on the ground to in the air and security plus an extensive ‘black book’ of clients – means a slick operation.

“We will collect the individual from home or a hotel in a chauffeur drive vehicle, fast-track them through the airport to protect them from any press or crowds straight into a VIP lounge and then to the gate of the plane.

“On saying that, sometimes they are happy to go through the normal lounge as they want the press attention so we have to factor this in as well.”

“Chiefly we deal with agencies in entertainment and travel as well as the airlines and airports,” explained Lisa.

She is also confident that Super Nova’s offering and know-how means it can expand its services to other clients.

“We definitely believe there is a market to take the experience to the end passenger and we are also now dealing with major banks wanting to offer more in the way of loyalty bonuses for their customers.

“Airports and airlines are wanting to offer what we’ve got too to add to their services so are in talks with us. The plan is to expand at Silverstone by basing a concierge team here but also to open sister offices in a UK airport as well as in JFK and in Asia, although we are being careful we don’t try to run before we can walk.”

A Silverstone Park location has also brought added kudos for the Super Nova 360 brand.

Lisa continued: “Firstly we’ve advertised for aviation people locally and been inundated – so many people from aviation are based in this area!

“Then there’s the Innovation Centre… we looked at lots of properties locally and were blown away by the hospitality and helpfulness of the MEPC team downstairs.

“We also wanted a base that was professional and had a bit of an edge. People are saying to us: ‘Wow, that’s really exciting for an aviation business!’ And the facilities are amazing. It was a no-brainer.”

Echoing Lisa’s thoughts recently have been other individuals from the Silverstone business community who have praised a contemporary, new agile work space called ‘The WRaP’ inside the Park’s Innovation Centre.