“The children were so motivated to reach the end result”

“The children were so motivated to reach the end result”

15 September 2022

More primary school students have received an early introduction to coding skills thanks to Silverstone Park businesses Hexagon and CMC Media.

The two businesses volunteered their time to show youngsters in Year 3 and 4 at Blakesley Church of England Primary School, Northants how to build and, using iPads, then code racing cars using Lego’s WeDo 2.0 sets.

Y3Y4 Class Teacher Laura Bradbury commented: “The sessions were fantastic. The children were so animated and engaged.

“They found it easy to follow the steps and they were so motivated to reach the end result.

“It was a great introduction to coding and I can’t wait to try it again next year with a new class!”

Hexagon is a world leading name in metrology (precision measurement) and manages the Silverstone Park Metrology Facility for estate developer MEPC.

Claire Waterson, Facilities Manager, said: “Coding and its applications will continue to play an important part in the world around us so helping young children become aware of this has real benefits.

“The children at Blakesley quickly found the fun in solving the coding task we set them and some even figured out ways to add extra coding without any clues.

“They definitely tackled the challenge head on which is just what the engineering industry needs for the future.”

CMC Media is Silverstone Park’s appointed PR agency. Director Carl McKellar enthused: “We were astonished at just how quickly the children took to the building and coding of their racing cars.

“Their teamwork was so impressive and Blakesley definitely has plenty of thoughtful, budding engineers for the future!

“It’s also highly rewarding as a volunteer to see the early skills and confidence that activities like these give youngsters.”

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